Test Credit Cards

To facilitate integration, a test gateway is available for test transactions with test card numbers. When you wish to switch from test to live mode please notify us. The switch from test to live gateway does NOT require any change on the merchant’s side. All URLs and parameters will remain the same.

The following test cards will only be accepted while the merchant is configured in test mode.
The following table outlines test cards that can be used in test mode. The possible values for the CVV are outlined in the next table.

In order to test 3DSv2 challenge mode, don’t forget to set shopper.account.suspicious to true to trigger it (in test mode only)

Card Cardnumber Expire Month Expire Year 3DS Enrolled
Visa 4111111111111111 10 2024 Yes
Visa 4012888888881881 10 2024 No
Mastercard 5105105105105100 10 2024 No
Mastercard 5555555555554444 10 2024 No
Maestro 6759649826438453 10 2024 No
JCB 3530111333300000 10 2024 No
Diners 30569309025904 10 2024 No
Amex 370000000000002 10 2024 No

This table shows the response code that will be sent back by the gateway according to the CVV code of the card provided.

CVV Response Status Response Errorcode Comments
000 Authorized 000 Transaction successful
043 Not Authorized 043 Pick up card (Stolen card)
007 Not Authorized 007 CVV is mandatory but not set or invalid
062 Not Authorized 062 Restricted card
500 Not Authorized 500 Card is blocked
501 Not Authorized 501 E-mail is blocked
502 Not Authorized 502 Customer IP is blocked

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