This is a JSON object with the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
id String(100) yes The unique ID for the order at merchant side
type String(2) yes Identifies the type of transaction being authenticated. The values are derived from ISO 8583. Possible values
shippingType String(2) no Indicates shipping method chosen for the transaction. Possible values
deliveryDelay String(2) no Indicates the merchandise delivery timeframe. Possible values
deliveryEmail String(100) no For electronic delivery, the email address to which the merchandise was delivered.
reorder Boolean no Indicates whether the cardholder is reordering previously purchased merchandise.
preOrder Boolean no Indicates whether Cardholder is placing an order for merchandise with a future availability or release date.
preOrderDate String(8) no For a pre-ordered purchase, the expected date that the merchandise will be available. Date format must be YYYYMMDD.
prepaidAmount Integer(10) no For prepaid or gift card purchase, the purchase amount total of prepaid or gift card(s) in cents
prepaidCurrency String(3) no For prepaid or gift card purchase, the currency code of the card as defined in ISO-4217
prepaidCount Integer(2) no For prepaid or gift card purchase, total count of individual prepaid or gift cards/codes purchased.
shopperLoyaltyProgram String(50) no Customer Loyalty Program name
totalWithoutShipping Integer(32bits) no The payment amount in cents, without shipping fee
shippingPrice Integer(32bits) no The shipping amount in cents (for 1€ => 100)
discount Integer(32bits) no The discount amount in cents (for 1€ => 100)
description String(500) no Short description of the product purchased by the customer
cartContent Array of objects no Product or service bought - see details here
affiliateID String(16) no Numeric string for the identifier of the affiliate
campaignName String(128) no Name of the affiliation campaign
recurrence Object no See Recurrence Object

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