Subscription Types

This table describes all the possible values for subscriptionType with their meaning.

Type Description
normal Subscription with a fixed number of iterations, can have a trial period.
partpayment Part payment subscription is used when the payment of the order is split in several payments. Handled specifically as the payment mean must be valid during the whole duration of the subscription, the cancel call is also not possible on this type.
infinite Normal subscription but without a maximum number of iterations, can potentially last forever.
onetime Subscription that has an initial payment and will expire after a certain time but will not have other payment iteration.
lifetime Subscription that has an initial payment and then is valid forever without any other payment.

Requirements for the other subscription related fields according to the subscription type.

API field Type of subscription
  normal partpayment infinite onetime lifetime
subscriptionType set set set set set
rebillAmount set set set set set
rebillPeriod set set set set Not set
rebillMaxIteration set set not set not set not set
trialPeriod Optional Optional Optional not set not set

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