This is a JSON object with the following fields:

Name Type Description
subscriptionID Integer Unique identifier of that subscription.
subscriptionType String Type of subscription: normal, partpayment, lifetime, onetime, infinite. See Subscription Types
offerID Integer Optional identifier of the offer this subscription is based on.
transactionID Integer Unique identifier of the original Sale transaction that triggered the subscription.
amount Integer Amount of the subscription in cents.
period String Period between iterations of the subscription according to ISO 8601.
trialAmount Integer Amount for the trial period in cents.
trialPeriod String Duration of the trial period of the subscription according to ISO 8601
state String Current state of the subscription: trial, active, retry, unpaid, finished, disabled or canceled
subscriptionStart String Date of the first operation in Unix Timestamp
periodStart String Start date of the current iteration period in Unix Timestamp
periodEnd String End date of the current iteration period in Unix Timestamp
cancelDate String Termination date for expired subscriptions (unpaid, finished, disabled or canceled) in Unix Timestamp
cancelReason String Code of the reason of the termination if in state canceled or disabled.
iterations Integer Current number of successful automatic iterations.
iterationsLeft Integer Number of iterations left. -1 if no limit.
retries Integer Number of failed attempts for the current iteration when in states retry or unpaid

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