Cancellation Reasons

This table describes all the possible values for cancelReason. Codes in the range 1000-1099 are set by the user when calling CancelSubscription. Codes in the range 0000-0999 are set by the gateway.

Important: The codes in the range 0000-1004 cause the subscription to be canceled immediately. For other codes, we wait the end of the last paid period. This mean that, for a monthly subscription, if John Smith made the payment for March (typically on March 1st), his subscription will end after March 31st. If on the other hand the current date is March 5th, and the payment for March hasn’t arrived yet, then the subscription for March is cancelled (the cancellation date is set to March 1st).

Numeric code Message
0033 “Card expired”
0041 “Lost card”
0043 “Pick up card (Stolen card)”
0054 “Expired card “
0305 “Merchant account is disabled”
0517 “Rebill call not allowed”
0906 “No terminal defined for current currency and card type”
1000 “Bank denial”
1001 “Canceled due to refund”
1002 “Canceled due to retrieval request”
1003 “Cancellation letter sent by bank”
1004 “Chargeback”
1005 “Company account closed”
1006 “Site account closed”
1007 “Didn’t like the site”
1008 “Disagree (‘did not do it’ or ‘do not recognize the transaction’)”
1009 “Fraud from webmaster”
1010 “I could not get in to the site”
1011 “No problem, just moving on”
1012 “Not enough updates”
1013 “Problems with the movies/videos”
1014 “Site was too slow”
1015 “The site did not work”
1016 “Too expensive”
1017 “Un-authorized signup by family member”
1018 “Undetermined reasons”
1019 “Webmaster requested to cancel”
1020 “I haven’t received my item”
1021 “The item was damaged or defective”
1022 “The box was empty”
1023 “The order was incomplete”
1099 “Unknown reason”

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