This is a JSON object with the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
transactionID String(20) yes Unique identifier of that transaction.
orderID String(100) no orderID of this transaction or of the referral transaction, if set
referralID Integer(32bits) no Optional unique identifier of the transaction that this transaction refers to.
subscriptionID Integer(32bits) no Optional unique identifier of the subscription this transaction belongs to.
status String(32) yes Textual status of the transaction Authorized or unauthorized.
errorCode String(3) yes Result code of the transaction.
operation String(32) yes Can be sale, refund, credit, authorize, capture, cancel, rebill
paymentType String(32) yes Type of payment of the transaction. Can be creditcard, toditocash
paymentMeanInfo Object yes if Details on the payment mean. Will vary according to the PaymentType. See details here
date Date yes Unix timestamp representing the date of the transaction processing.
shopperName String(100) yes Name of the shopper.
shopperEmail String(100) yes Email address of the shopper.
customerIP String(16) yes IP address of the shopper.
amount Integer(32bits) yes Amount of the transaction in cents.
currency String(3) yes 3 letters currency code according to ISO 4217 (EUR, USD, GBP…).
orderDescription String(500) no Order description

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